Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gardening Angelic style

Yesterday, I drove to a fellow freecycler's home and cut some pieces off of her roses and took some climbing rose cutting she had pruned earlier. Since it was Fat Tuesday and free Pancake Day at IHOP, I forgot to put the cuttings in water. With roses, this is not a huge issue but you need to get to them asap for success. Today, I ventured out with my screwdriver (tool not drink), scissors, root stimulator, gallon of Miracle grow water, cuttings and Dog, Lexy. I stabbed holes in the ground with the screwdriver, cut new stem openings with the scissors, dipped into the water and then the stimulator and then poked the roses in the ground. This was fun until a stray pit bull mix ran up in the neighboring yard and growled at me & my dog. Good news s he ran off without incident, but I had no phone and could never have gotten away from him. I planted all but 4 cuttings from the peach roses in one spot where I previously had a rose, and the climbers next to the fence. Four of the Peach roses I planted next to a little spot where I have a gazing ball and 2 solar lights. I have bulbs to plant but ran out of steam before I got them planted. *sigh* I have to take it in small doses or I cannot walk afterward. Pray with me that they live, thrive and someday bloom. I would love to have some roses in my yard. Maybe these will like the host and grow quickly and produce beautiful blooms.
Makes me feel good to contribute to growing something living and green.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yarn Harf

If you have ever had Yarn Harf, you know how frustrating it can be! My story is simple but true. I made my SIL a felted tote that included some furry yarn as an accent. When I felted the bag (no I was not drinking!) I washed it with the extra furry yarn inside where I was storing it as I worked on it. *mental head slap* When I took it out of the bag, I wanted to cry. It was a tangled, mangled mess of furry fiber. Instead I put it in a tote bag and walked away from it until yesterday.

The picture sho
ws how it looked when I rediscovered it this week. I spent hours untangling it and rolling it into balls. I was covered in fur that fell out as I went.

The balls don't look much better, but they sure do in person trust me. I have no idea what I will do with these little monsters but I now feel better that they are not a massive ball of yarn harf tangle. I just had to vent...hahahahaha & Now I feel better. Thank God for blogs.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog's Day

The Yahoo Messenger Pingbox is not working & I am just mad I cannot figure it out.

Dan the Cat Man saw his shadow today but no one asked him what he thought of winter and the doom of 6 more weeks of it! As you can see in the picture Dan is in prayer in the window asking that no more ice is bestowed on Texas. Looks like ice behind him but it is just the sunshine outside. He was soaking it up today.
Still working on my many projects and did not get out today. Tomorrow I have a procedure done where I have a probe in my nose of 24 hours. YUCK and can you say it with me?? It will test for reflux in to my Eustation Tubes. Something has to cure these crickets & buzzing I hear in my ears all the time!
OK so the 3D Chuck tonight was pitiful. The glasses were not well made and it gave me a headache. I wish I had kept my movie theater glasses. The show was sorta dumb too. I should have known it would be.
Heroes....nutty to you this year? I just didn't get it like I normally do. A fun show like Pushing Daisies is not coming back and all of these weird shows are still around.
OK enough for tonight. I need to finish up Ed's personal badge in Pogo.
Be well & blessed.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New stuff

Ok so Ed & I have made it! 2 years together and 1 year under the same roof! Yeah Ed!!! Both of those dates fall within the same 3 days so we celebrate a LOT!

Notice my Yahoo messenger to the left. Give it a try and let me see what happens! I hope it will work. Could be fun!

My daughter was here today. I finished up her taxes and Ed's taxes. Good job if you can get it. Brandy is making me dinner one night and Ed is not kicking me out! Pay is decent.

My scarf project is coming along. I wish I could knit faster though. I have 2 bags in the works and many more yarns crying out to be bags. The picture is a sneak peak at the bag I am working on now. It looks blue but is really a deep rich purple Eco yarn from Caron. I am shocked at how soft it is!

Ok I am off to the well & blessed!